Capturing love stories, with a gentle touch

As a curator of emotions and memories, I capture moments in time that tell a love story; an endless reminder of the start of a lifetime adventure. With great care, integrity and love. I embrace the responsibility of capturing the joy of the couple, their family and friends united in celebration. My ambition, bountiful energy and passion to tell a story with every single image captured will create photographs that will be treasured for generations to come.

As a professional wedding photographer, I am very aware that I am trusted with the huge responsibility of documenting one of the most important days of two peoples lives, pictures of the point where their family starts, a point of their history right there in front of me. Not only am I expected to fully capture all the big moments, small moments, and everything in between. I am expected to create images that are beautiful and authentic, images that stir emotions and enable memories to back back to the forefront of your mind no matter how many years later they are viewed.

I would say that my ability to see those moments, and capture them with authenticity and clarity is the single most valuable aspect of my service. After all, why else am I there.


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